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The Dogma For a Logical World of Knowledge

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Hello there fellow cybernauts, netizens and connoisseurs of the internet. I welcome you to a realm where I, Jeff, am the king, the ruler, the ultimate expert, and in every way possibly conceived, the only person of which his opinions really matter and always resemble the ultimate truth in humanity. I welcome you to one of my most anticipated blogs! This is The Dogma For a Logical World of Knowledge!

As you may or may not have deducted from the title in question, this is a sort of a Manifesto for a religious-less world, of which the main principle is that knowledge and progressiveness are the fulcral aim for society. On the contrary of other works, who tackle the political spectrum of our society, The Dogma For a Logical World of Knowledge, tackles the very fundamental way from where our societal issues emerge! Do not worry, for the remainder of this blog, I won't be referring to this dogma in its full title, but will be referring to it simply as The Dogma.

Let me assert this very clearly. Following a religious order, church or organization, is not a matter of opinion nor taste! The religious have us believe that religion is an entity of good deeds and of moral lessons for us to abide to. The Dogma simply argues that no entity or order should be capable of dictating the answers to moral questions, nor should it be able to present you with ideas of what is good or bad. Religion is one of the biggest names to fault for these wrongdoings, but not the only one! There are several other orders who oppose the right for knowledge and logic, because it's their aim to corrupt the thinking of the individual human being, to only serve their own greed and personal gain.

One of the clear problems that emanated with the lack of progressiveness and excess of group-following, are the climate problems we now face as a species. Although at first may seem unrelated, the greediness of the wealthy men have led them to corrupt the thinking of the people who are among these groups. These oligarchs, take advantage of these large groups, fake the support of their moral codes, so that in return they are favored by large masses of people. In essence, they're powered by faithful people who let their lives be governed by codes and ethical standards that oppose the pursuit of knowledge and logic.

But what does The Dogma purpose? The Dogma purposes the eradication of every religious order as well as every ideological concept that take aim at corrupting the free thinking mind of every Human being, in any of the cores -- Morality, Ethicality and Belief --, in search that curiosity, logic, and our pursuit for knowledge, overthrow the ignorance, the ambiguity, and overall disregard for intelligence and our most valuable ability; learning!

The principles that The Dogma partakes in are but one! The quest for a world where logic and knowledge are the basis of our society. Can it be achieved? How can we achieve it? Those are questions, that I, as a thinker and the writer of this thesis, will be looking for to answer to myself and to everybody else. What is ultimately of great importance is to regard The Dogma as the alternative we need to make possible, in order to continually progress as a species, and not self-destruct ourselves in the ignorance of others' ideals.


NOTE: As always, with these blogs, remember that, if you're to comment below, I can, and most likely will, engage in a discussion with those who disagree with what I've just posted. Be sure before disagreeing openly.

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  1. Complex's Avatar
    And you, Jeff the almighty wish that us, drd members and third world kids join your movement for salvation
  2. Jeff's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Complex
    And you, Jeff the almighty wish that us, drd members and third world kids join your movement for salvation
    Not necessarily, maybe I wasn't explicit, but this isn't a true "call for arms" as this isn't a Dogma at all, it's just the presentation of one. A Dogma would present the answer to the questions that I myself posed at the end, to which I will be finding an answer to in the future, and then finish a fully dogma about the way I think the World should co-exist under the principles of logic and knowledge.

    I don't want DRD members/third world kids joining "my movement" per se, I want everybody that values free-thinking, pursuit of knowledge and our ability to learn, to unite and work together towards a goal, where we eradicate orders/groups that dictate Moral/Ethical codes. Since those and many others are opposed to our progression as a species, and are a lot more interested in their institutional and personal gain.
  3. Complex's Avatar
    What you need to understand Jeff that we as human could have knowledge, could improve and be civil towards one another and also be in a religion, All of us religious and non-religious people abide by the law and live together even though all of us have our differences and that could never change. Logic and Knowledge helped us in lots of things but there are a few things in this universe that science couldn't answer or still hasn't discovered, and the religion never tells you not to discover them. There's no contradiction whatsoever.

    There will always be war between countries. Vegetarians and meat eaters. Christians, Muslims, Terrorists, Peace makers, Good people and bad. No matter how hard you try you can't really make people join under one moral/ethical code. Sounds pretty utopian to me.
  4. Jeff's Avatar
    You are seriously conflicted. The Dogma is against any dictating of a moral/ethical code, not introducing a moral/ethical code. The principle of free-thinking can be summarized by saying that there are no moral nor ethical codes of which to abide to. In the same essence that Atheism is not a belief, but the absence of belief, The Dogma does not introduce a moral/ethical code, but rather an absence of it.

    Because, the argument made is that, these codes only serve of purpose to corrupt the thinking of a following, in order for them to not question the codes themselves, by simply acquiescing to the terms placed, dictated by whomever made them. It could be as simple as the Hindu's rule of not eating cow, to any point really. Now the argument here isn't that eating cow = anti-knowledge, anti-logic. The argument made is that the Order/Group has dictated a rule, and has now influenced over the decisions of the followers, hence a corruption of the free-thinking mind.

    Religion, and other groups of which its followers are introduced to Moral and Ethical codes of how to live their lives, are all at fault for this dictatorship of what to think, what to believe and ultimately taint your decisions throughout your life. It's a fact. It's what politicians, and wealthy oligarchs target when trying to sway the support to their favor, they target these groups, and religion being the biggest of all, because it has the biggest of following.