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  1. - Facts about me

    1: My name is Arved
    2: I'm 14 Years old
    3: I'm from Germany
    3: I'm going to school
    4: U didn't saw there were 2 "3"
    5: My favorite food is Pizza
    6: I like Cats
    7: My favorite color is Yellow
    8: My favorite letter is A
    9: I don't like OG_Baig
    10: I hate LoL
    11: I'm a Gta gamer, played like every Gta.
    12: I played the San Andreas story 2 times
    13: My hairs are blond/brown
    14: My eyes are green ...
  2. - Dear Diary #2

    Today was a fucking bad day, i joined At 10 a clock and farmed my stuff for like 2 Hours, then i got killed by a Hacker with wallhack, After that i wanted to join again, but my net sucked, so there wasnt any Chance to join.

  3. Dear Diary #Day1

    Dear Diary,
    Today was a good day, we took some hostages with Darth, looted stuff and idk, but then I joined for 5 secs and got killed by a Hacker.

    Regards Arved
  4. Post Photo Of You

  5. What is a Staff Member?

    It's 4:30 am, and I'm seriously having one of those nights where sleeping is simply not going too well for me. So what you know from this intro is that ahead you'll have a ramble about what is a Staff Member, basic insight on human reaction, and the most unpleasant guy describing all that to you, on top of that, feeling moody. (as always)

    So, what is a Staff Member? I mean none of that bullshit about how to be one, I feel tired of people going on about how they should be Admin, or ...
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