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[DRD] Los Santos Cops And Robbers



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    Also, burden on having that VIP tag is you can't send any visitor messages or adding any friends so you're stuck with it lul.
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    Goddamn it why do you have to be so smart?!
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    Happy New Year
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    I'm such a cock
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    Oi Jeff, o primeiro Português que vejo aqui ! Grande abraço Tuga
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    hey jeff wanet to ask how can i get my vip .. i donated plantium yesterday and admin in game told me i need to speak with owner or co-owner,let me know if u can help tank you,
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    hi jeff its SARGETNGOSTAMIR i have problem i just buy house some on call skoda park his car in my parkland near of my house i cant remove it i need my park land//// help plz
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    hey jeff you ar adminstrator ?
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    Why are you not admin enymore ??
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    I'm gay, I love huge dicks, let me suck yours please.
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About Jeff
My name is Jeff?

I unbanned everybody for summer, not to be confused with the other dude that unbanned everybody for xmas.

I think I'm always right, because for most part I am, if I'm wrong, I'm going to be right.

I like ranting about everything, because I'm an observing critic who can't help but to think that is right in every argument. But mainly because everything generally pisses me off one way or another.

Socialism. Rock. Atheism. Rationalism.
Lisbon, Portugal
Writing, Music, TV

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by Jeff on 08-18-2017 at 01:21 PM
Hi, it's me, yes it's another blog, yes I know you barely read the entire thing, but it's still the only way I know how to completely vent out on things that I feel like I need to do some thoroughly explaining and voice out my opinion on.

Religion! Religion to discussion subjects is like what Wrestlemania is to Wrestling, like what World Cup is to football, but I felt like it was more than due time to write a blog specifically about it. Although this kind of comes in light from the

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Updated 08-18-2017 at 03:48 PM by Jeff


"It's only a game"

by Jeff on 10-08-2016 at 11:35 PM
This is the most common of reactions/replies to whenever I post negatively following a list of things of why people should not be Staff Members in Team DRD. It's so confusing, it's like the person who's coming up with this reply seriously is more worried in being able to say anything of substance. I'll talk about this after I get done with the general use of the term.

In every single game, every single server, every single community, there will always be that one guy, that if he sucks

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What is a Staff Member?

by Jeff on 05-22-2016 at 04:09 AM
It's 4:30 am, and I'm seriously having one of those nights where sleeping is simply not going too well for me. So what you know from this intro is that ahead you'll have a ramble about what is a Staff Member, basic insight on human reaction, and the most unpleasant guy describing all that to you, on top of that, feeling moody. (as always)

So, what is a Staff Member? I mean none of that bullshit about how to be one, I feel tired of people going on about how they should be Admin, or

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by Jeff on 01-04-2016 at 01:12 AM
Ohh what is that?! You say ThePRO is back for more shitty blogs? Well... Better than watching people copying replies into blogs. What the hell even happened to blogs? Ok let's do this..

So, great uh? Suicide. I've always wanted to talk about positive things, but the negative ones are so hilarious. Yes, I called Suicide hilarious! Why did I do that? I've come up to a point in my life, that anything quite as downright dumb as Donald Trump's election campaign is hilarious to me! And

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EURO Crisis

by Jeff on 07-14-2015 at 08:35 AM
Hello, for the next 10 minutes of reading (I so hope so), you'll be reading my opinion only based on what I've read and made research of, if you want to discuss on the comments please do, just with facts backing you up. And fuck SUV's, who the fuck gives a shit about it anyways.

So Greece's Prime Minister, has given in to Europe Germany's Demands, and agreed in inflicting more austerity, and few other changes, that essentially mean the same. Greeks are gonna get fucked in the ass

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Updated 07-14-2015 at 08:41 AM by Jeff



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