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DRD in Eras

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That's the word I would start with. But since I really don't want to go so offensive, I will just call it a downhill.

DRD is a great community, no matter what Era are we in. As long as there are people that are fun and nice. Some people just don't get it, that you can obtain your goals with fun without ruining anyone's day. Like, I don't mind people ruining my fun as long as they're having fun. I mean, what would be the point of ruining other people's fun, if you're not having fun yourself.

When I joined DRD, I was in the Era that admins didn't get reported. I mean, what was the use of it? They would abuse commands on players, and very rarely a player would go against the admin. This either because, if he reported the admin there would be no punishment, or for the simple fact that it was fun. I can't think of anything more fun than every player in game getting teleported by Creepy and then in the instance after getting killed by his Minigun for the only reason he gave to the one's that complained "I am bored". That shit was so funny that I even Pm'd Creepy to do it again. I mean, I knew I would die, but FACK! Knowing that the whole server would die to his minigun, that was something!

Now, when I join in game, I see some people having fun, some working for their coprank and don't really talk that much, some constantly robbing and killing people, some even rage as hard as they can just because they got robbed 10 K. This already taking out the ones that are hitting on "possible girls" over a video-game. I am not that old, but dammit, I don't understand this generation! I would like to be explained... I am not really even considering their age, because I was young when I started playing SAMP, maybe around the same age many of you (new generation) do. But I just don't get it, why can't you have fun as the rest of us did?
Why is that, everytime an admin mentions abuse, an offensive word, even trolls a bit with you, you go just right ahead and report?
Makes absolutely, no sense.

Maybe it's me who doesn't understand, maybe I don't really want to understand. Hell, maybe I really don't give a shit after all.
But DRD is going downhill Era after Era, and I don't mean player base, I mean fun.

Something must stop.

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  1. LegendKiller's Avatar
    Same people were in DRD in 2009-10 but yes ... they were less - It had annoying people who would go report for saying "**** you" ; There were people who would get mad for getting killed by admin's minigun but that's people's personality even though I believe that It was better back then but our fun was even different back then .

    Still yeah ... I would like to see people actually have "FUN" in game rather than being too serious about a game since games are for fun ...
  2. Jikesh's Avatar
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  3. High's Avatar
    real shit
  4. SkidroW's Avatar
    Jikesh is getting more and more active, that's why.
  5. neo's Avatar
    You Can't Blame Community Because Of Retards,
    There Was Retards Before And Will Be Always!
    The Only Difference Is There Was More High Level Admins Back Then.
  6. Jeff's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by neo
    You Can't Blame Community Because Of Retards,
    There Was Retards Before And Will Be Always!
    The Only Difference Is There Was More High Level Admins Back Then.
    This was made long ago, and the Blog next to this one "Actually Nevermind", it's correcting this blog, so yeah.