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Religion Two Bueno

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So it's my first blog ever and I've been here since March 2014,

Lets talk about Religion one more time, As a guy who believes that God exists and he's very much real, We humans sometimes can't believe in the unseen but why?, I'm going to discuss it as a Muslim who believes that Islam is the straight path, Islam is not a cult nor an organization which all its purpose is to raise money and power, It's a guidance to your mortal life, But how do we believe in something we never saw before in our lives? We need proofs, We need evidence that could tell us which is true and which is false, Thats why there's a holy book that could guide us in this life but before I get into that I wanna ask you a question, Do you really believe we were monkeys and evolved with time? Where and how did humanity start, Atheists or Agnostics wont be able to answer you, So lets get back to the book that was given to us from God and the evidence in it, God has shared his words to his prophet more than 1400 years ago, It means that this book is 1400 years old, Allah says in his holy book:

"And certainly did We create man from an extract of clay : Then We placed him as a sperm-drop in a firm lodging : Then We made the sperm-drop into a clinging clot, and We made the clot into a lump [of flesh], and We made [from] the lump, bones, and We covered the bones with flesh; then We developed him into another creation. So blessed is Allah, the best of creators."

23:12 > 23:17

So I'm talking to the disbelievers who think God doesn't exist, Can you tell me what god said in this verse is not true? how did a book that is 1400 years old explain how a baby was created inside his mother's womb step by step? is it magic? nah if you don't believe in god then obviously you do not believe in magic, And they didn't have all the scientific equipment we have today.

Even right now some people still believe the earth is flat because they haven't actually traveled to space and saw it by themselves, but we all know they're wrong.

If you wish to see more scientific evidence you can check most of em here:

So my friend, Is it really this life is all you've got? What if you were wrong? I mean lets assume there's no god and there's no afterlife, I will not get harmed in anyway, but what if I was right and you were wrong? That there's actually heaven and hell?

When the prophet Noah was sent to his people, they also didn't believe in his message or in god:

"And the eminent among his people who disbelieved and denied the meeting of the Hereafter while We had given them luxury in the worldly life said, "This is not but a man like yourselves. He eats of that from which you eat and drinks of what you drink : And if you should obey a man like yourselves, indeed, you would then be losers : Does he promise you that when you have died and become dust and bones that you will be brought forth [once more]? : How far, how far, is that which you are promised. : Life is not but our worldly life - we die and live, but we will not be resurrected."

23:33 > 23:37

My Atheist friend, You did not come with something new, A lot of people in the past eras have thought the same as you, But they didn't have what you have right now, You're able to make researches, Look for evidence, Know the truth,

"Did We fail in the first creation? But they are in confusion over a new creation" 50:15

We as human beings will always be different, different in our thoughts and what we do, How long could your mortal life be? 80 years? a hundred? in the end we'll all know the truth, You'll see it with your own eyes this time, Unfortunately there's nothing you can do this day,

[It will be said], "You were certainly in unmindfulness of this, and We have removed from you your cover, so your sight, this Day, is sharp." 50:22

Those are some verses of the Quran, And you have the entire book online to look at it, Could a man write this book 1400 years ago??, Yet some disbelievers will not be convinced, and they'll still think they were brought in this world without a purpose,

"Then did you think that We created you uselessly and that to Us you would not be returned?" 23:115

And they say, "Why is a sign not sent down to him from his Lord?" So say, "The unseen is only for Allah [to administer], so wait; indeed, I am with you among those who wait." 10:20

So wait, and we will be waiting with you,

That's it for my first and probably the last blog in DRD.

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  1. Bob_Spray's Avatar
    As a guy who believes that God exists and he's very much real
  2. Jeff's Avatar
    1) You believe in Allah and that Islam is the straight path of guidance in your mortal life, but your calendar year is 2018, in after christ terminology.
    2) Picking up quotes that defend your argument on purpose, is not a good way of trying to make "disbelievers" believe whatever you want them to believe. I could go on to pick stupid quotes from the Holy Bible, Quran, and any religious book, that would go against your argument.
    3) The most obvious reason of why you seem to dismiss the theory of evolution, is most likely, because you never did study it and you were given the one idea that God made everything. All the while dismissing studies of DNA and Progressive evolution made in just the last 70 years! These subjects have been studied for much longer, but just what we have discovered in terms of science and nature in the last 70 years due to advances in technology is immense and beyond any 'religious belief'. And no, saying vague things in a book about what can be interpreted as anything, is not an indicator of how God exists.
    4) Believing in God is as much as believing in Angels and Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. To believe is to imagine. Imagination is not reality. I don't need to believe that I exist, because it's a fact that I do. If I have to believe in God to consider his existence, then it does not make it a fact that he FOR CERTAIN exists.
    5) When I made a blog about religion, I made it certain that I was not trying to make anyone stop their beliefs, people are prone to either be Rational or Spiritual. A spiritual person is going to want to find some higher sense of existence, unlike the rational one. Trying to force your agenda on people, is only a thing I do in IRC when I'm bored and I want to argue about meaningless things. I don't think I'd ever LEGIT try to get anyone to stop believing in God, at max I'd try for anyone to consider Science and Evolution before drawing their conclusions. But if you already have your conclusion drawn, and that for you God is the answer, and that Religion is, then good for you, have a happy and influenced life by the thoughts of others, but it's not who I am, nor what I will ever be. I rather pay very much attention to the progression and evolution of Humanity and the Universe, than to blindly accept the words written on a book. That said, as a conclusion that I've drawn on the other blog, if you're Spiritual, great for you, but try not to be easily led by 'Religions', because its only purpose is to force its own agenda onto you, and then you force their agenda onto us. It's not you talking, it's an organization.
  3. vildankeister's Avatar
    Updated 03-30-2018 at 05:35 PM by vildankeister (no homo)
  4. Complex's Avatar
    1) I've said that I believe in Jesus christ as a prophet, Oh and one more thing we do have an Islamic calendar too

    2) The other holy books were changed, Only the Quran is what I believe in so please, I invite you to go and pick up any quote you like that goes against my argument, I also invite you to make something like it if you believe it was written by a human being

    3) I believe in science, Islam is a religion of science that could tell u alot of scientific things, All of this DNA and the big bang theory etc etc were explained in the Quran, If you wish to visit the link I gave you up there you'd find out for yourself, And if it does not indicate that god exists then what does it indicate? let me rephrase my question, How on earth could a human 1400 years ago figure out how you were made? Answer me then we could discuss it further

    4) We all know Santa claus doesn't exist for one reason, It was made up by adults to raise children, God wasn't made up to make humans behave, Like I said most people don't believe in the unseen unless they see it, Don't expect God to show you himself for you to believe in him, Whether you do or not it does not harm him in anyway, It is you who get harmed.

    5) Islam has alot of scientific facts that you could see for yourself, Alongside discussing the evolution of humans too, And I've never said that you wanted to make people disbelieve, And I also like that you dont find religions connected to terrorists, Religion does not force its own agenda, You are not forced to believe it is you who has the free will to choose ur path, Islam shows you how to live, If you like to read books then read the quran, Even if you think it was written by a human it would do you no harm to read it, right? then show me or anyone some flaws that you could find in the book, It's me who's talking, And it's not an organization, An organization of what? you think islam and any other religion was made to get money and power??? oh please.

    There's nothing of what you said that shocked me, what you say now is what your forefathers have said thousands of years ago.
    Updated 01-07-2018 at 04:19 PM by Complex
  5. Jeff's Avatar
    How come can you believe in science and dismiss Evolution, by claiming God made everything. Also, there's no need to believe in science, you don't have to believe that the probability of you jumping off a twelve story building will end up in you dying, because of gravity. It's factual. There's no "believing" in science, because the results achieved by science are factual, and they're always changing, always progressing forward, always evolving. I don't need a definitive answer, I need a result, I need a 'How did we get here', not a 'Why are we here'. Nothing indicates that God exists, because God is an imaginary figure, what's imaginary, is non-existent.

    Santa claus was made up by adults, but God couldn't have been made by adults? Why not? It would seem perfectly understandable to me, that if you can make any story up as you like, then something we never fact checked that DEFINITELY exists, would be under the category of something made up. You know what you can't make up yourself? Test results for DNA, the way how some chemicals react when put in a certain condition... and I could go on and list a billion things that science and important scientists helped discover.

    If you erased every test result discovered by science, in a few years they would all be popping back the same, because they're factual, the same result. But if you erased the Bible, or the Quran or any religious book, they'd come back different, instead of a Jesus, the guy would probably be named Timothy, and so on, and that's because they're fiction.

    I'm not going to waste my time, and read a 1400 year old book just to argue with you that God doesn't exist. It's your choice to believe in God, it's your choice to think that the Quran is the way of life, or a guidance for life. But don't try and put oil and water together mate. When it comes to logic, religion is never going to be on par. To have a belief, is to ignore progression. Many religions oppose/opposed, homossexuality, and equal rights, including your own! Therefore they are against human progression. I don't have to read the Quran to know that the quotes you've selected are only there to serve the purpose of feeding your argument. I've read, and I HAVE SHOWN YOU quotes of the Quran where violence was depicted. So there's nothing "holy" about that.

    And no, if you abide faithfully to the ideas written in a book 1400 years ago, it's not you who is talking, it's the book, the person/people who wrote it. That's not doing much thinking for yourself, that's just accepting what other people thought. And yes, religions are organization who all craved for money and power, it's the real world where the only thing that matter is money and power. If you like living in fantasies is not my problem, but next time you think religions or other sort of controlling masses entities aren't in it for money and power, then I can give you a few interesting "stories" to read: Reconquista, Crusaders, Caliphs, Colonial wars, and a list of important countries in the "modern world" who were all too busy playing with their sticks: Kenya, "Democratic Republic" of Congo, Ethiopia. Maybe if they believed in the Quran they would all be saved, just like their friends in Syria and Afghanistan and Iraq and Palestine.
  6. Complex's Avatar
    God made us to think about how we got here, He told us to build this earth, And if you think we dont have to believe in science because we believe that god created everything then you're wrong again bud, God created everything and its all science related too, There are lots of things that indicates god exist, but he's not gonna knock on ur door and tell you hey I exist, You gotta think about this, Why do we indicate that there could be aliens even tho we've never seen one? Not everything in this world will be seen by you, Yet not everything you see is everything you should believe

    Again, God wasn't made up because simply God wasn't brought up to children to behave, It's for everyone on this earth to think through and realize that you as a soul can not be made by science, Science discover new things everyday, not a single thing that was discovered goes against the science that was told to the prophet 1400 years ago, You wanna know how did we get here? You as an athiest don't even know how, You can't make a soul with science, No matter how much time we live, How hard we tried, You can't create a soul as a human being, And you certainly did not come up from no where

    Everything we have discovered by science because god wanted us to discover it, We can't discover when the world is gonna end, And no there's no ifs in religion, God won't change his words or his book, The Quran is the last one to guide humanity , Yet you show no interest in reading a "fictional" old book.

    It's also your choice to become an atheist, You will be responsible for your own choices in the end, How is homosexuality a way for human progression mate?, You think two guys or two females could bring a baby or something, is that progression to you? There are limits to everything, If you go beyond these limits then you're own your own, nothing could help you, Quran does not encourage violence and islam was not spread by sword, Violence was only brought in the quran when the muslims had to defend themselves, Show me the verse you were looking for and I'll explain to you how mistaken you are.

    I abide faithfully because I know its the truth, I thought about it, And I thought about god's creation and I figured out that there's no way you could be made on this earth for no purpose, there's no way you're here just to have fun, go to school, work and then die without any purpose, islam isnt on this earth to raise money on power, and for who? if what you say is right then islam should be dead by now , Tell me what if you were wrong? what if you died and then you were resurrected in the day of judgement, whats the first thing that could come to your mind? omg I was wrong? why am I awake from my sleep? what is happening??, It is you who will suffer the consequences of your choices in this life, No harm will be put on me, on god, or anyone, its just you mate.
  7. Jeff's Avatar
    I never said you didn't have to believe in science BECAUSE you believe in God. Nobody needs to believe in science, because science proves things to a factual point, i.e: undeniable. Again, it's undeniable that if you jump off a twelve story building, that the probability of you dying there is of a 99.99% because gravity. The difference between Aliens and God is of a much bigger equation. Aliens are beings born outside of planet Earth. God is, supposedly, an all powerful being, who created the universe and everything in it, and to some extent, watch everything we do at all times. By definition, the existence of Aliens is more feasible, because the only thing they have differently than us is being born in another planet. For example, if found microbes in other planets, that is life outside of Earth, hence Aliens.

    I also never said God was brought up for children to behave, I only pointed out that, if Santa Claus was made up, then God could have been as well. Again, the difference between a Spiritual person and a Rational one... Soul is something abstract that nobody is clear that exists. Your brain definitely does, and we don't even put much of it to use, we only use a low portion of our brain. I know I don't how, but neither do you. You don't know how we got here. Answering God, isn't like a special answer that solves everything related to the issue. That's why I said, I don't need a definitive answer just because. We all want to know how, but we don't definitively know how. Nobody does.

    And that's exactly why Religion and Ignorance come hand in hand. Because there are no ifs. There is no thinking. There's AN IDEA. There's no progression, there's no evolution, just a spiritual guidance. SPIRITUAL and RATIONAL people are very much different from one another, I've said this before a thousand times now, I don't understand why you keep pushing this kind of subject.

    It's not a choice to become an atheist, or better speaking, being agnostic. Technically, I'm an agnostic atheist. Since God's existence is unknowable, I choose to discredit religion. Then yes, you can talk about choice. But in reality everybody is agnostic, unless you also want to argue that you're not agnostic, at that point I wouldn't know how much further could I push you to the point of delusion. So for instance, there are 100 Gods, you choose to discredit 99, I just discredit one more. That's it.

    Progression is a tricky word. Homosexual rights, the end of slavery, abortion laws, women rights, democracy, are all topics of human progression and society progressively finding solutions to problems. I'm not even one of the most millennial people when it comes to these issues, but to ignore the success of society in these issues is mind boggling in the very least. Islam wasn't spread by sword? Only when the muslims had to defend themselves? Do you have any knowledge of World's History? Because, I know you don't, if you make claims like these. Maybe you meant something else?

    What you think of life, or what you believe that life is, doesn't translate to "the truth". Maybe for you it is. You want to know what I think of life? NOTHING! A big party where I was invited, and when I die, I'm getting kicked out of the club, forcefully by bouncers! The probability of being alive is of an astonishing proportion. Never mind being alive in this era of technology, never mind even being human, just being alive is a fucking accomplishment lmao. If I were wrong? Day of judgement? I will suffer consequences? So, your entire message above was that, God wasn't made up so that people would behave themselves. Now your argument is that if I'm wrong, and don't believe in God, I'm going to be punished and suffer the consequences, and you who behaved and believed in God won't? That seems to me like a contradiction. But I'll join in! What happens if I'm wrong? First thing I'll ask is how come was God so merciful with me in the day I was born, to be born in Portugal and not in a starving family in Kenya. Then I'd ask, what he thought about Earthquakes, Raging tornadoes, Tsunamis that swallowed people and terrain, plagues and bacteria that kill people in hours. Then I'd wait for his answers, and try to figure out what exactly was his "plan". Then, just for the sake of fun, I'd ask God, if the people who went through those terrible things, the ones who didn't believe in him, if they also have to go and "suffer the consequences".