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[DRD] Los Santos Cops And Robbers





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Hi, it's me, yes it's another blog, yes I know you barely read the entire thing, but it's still the only way I know how to completely vent out on things that I feel like I need to do some thoroughly explaining and voice out my opinion on.

Religion! Religion to discussion subjects is like what Wrestlemania is to Wrestling, like what World Cup is to football, but I felt like it was more than due time to write a blog specifically about it. Although this kind of comes in light from the most recent terrorist attacks in Barcelona, it's not only because of it that I've decided to do some of my most professional analysis and totally unbiased opinions of a man who considers himself Atheist.

Religion has no link to terrorism. Not Buddhism, not Judaism, not Catholicism, not Islam, not any other form of religion. This simply because, the mission of each and every single Religion Entity (that I am aware of), is to sympathize with people, so that they gain followers. In other words, Religion is like a hot girl on Instagram who posts daily pictures of her in bikini, so that people like and follow her. To expand on that thought, here's a list of things that most religions imagery relies on:

  1. An higher entity, to which all of your sins and mistakes are forgiven
  2. The form of good and bad in any way, of where the religion's prophet is capable of being above morality ground.
  3. Things that we don't know that exist, but we would love for it to be real: After-life

The list could go further, but there is much more that I want to clarify. Like I said, Religion is not linked to terrorism. In fact, the only thing that links Religion to terrorism, is as an excuse used by criminals for their actions. Terrorists use Religion as an excuse for their actions, but they're not considered believers of the faith they claim to believe on, based on their atrocities. And this is where Religion is at fault, because these terrorists follow what they interpret of a book that was written thousands of years ago, in order to control masses, and they use this book, as an excuse to kill innocent people for reasons that are debunked by 4 year old children.

Religion and Politics have a lot in common, mainly because Religion was the biggest political party of the medieval world, and it still is in many countries to date. Religion has nothing to do with whether or not you believe in a spiritual higher entity, Religion only takes advantage of people who are in their essence more spiritual than rational. Catholicism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism, make up for the 4 biggest religious organizations in the world, what they all have in common, is how none of these entities are lacking of money and riches. And that's the biggest belief. Money. Control.

My take? I'm not spiritual in any way, so I'm forever content with the idea that God doesn't exist and that there is no after-life, and that this life is all I've got, and to take most of it. But for all you spiritual people out there, my sincere opinion is that, if you truly believe in God, it means you don't need an organization to show your undying gratefulness for the higher entity you believe in. If you do need that organization, it means, you don't believe in God, you believe in a Religion and their set of specific writings, and all that they try and convince you that they believe and want you to believe in. At that point you're not spiritual, you're just brain-washed.


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Updated 08-18-2017 at 03:48 PM by Jeff

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    Atleast join buddhism
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    Atleast join niggerkiller
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    Fuck you guys. I've joined Trollism years ago, I follow the desires of Spoderman, and the ten stages of Mad & Sad.