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3 Ways to Keep the Cost of Driving Lessons Down

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Everyone likes a good deal, and when it comes to driving lessons, there is no exception! Keeping some cash in your own pocket, rather than in the pocket of driving schools and driving instructors would be great, but where do you start? It can often be confusing to determine what is a good deal and what is not.

Here are three tips that should help you to keep the cost of driving lessons down:

The first tip is almost counter-intuitive. The temptation when talking to different driving schools is simply to ask, "How expensive are your lessons?". Then when you get it, move on to the next one until you find the lowest price per hour then go with them. At first glance, this can seem to make sense, but for any price to be a good price - what you get has got to be good!

A good example would be comparing driving lessons to shoes! If you chose the cheapest in the shop [URL=""]Autel MS908p[/URL], but they were uncomfortable and wore out quickly and therefore had to be replaced - the cheapest could turn out to be quite pricey.

Therefore find the best driving instructors and schools first (as a top quality trainer could knock several hours of your driving course), then find out how much they charge for their lessons.

The second way to save money is to learn to drive in as long sessions as you are able to concentrate for (almost needless to say if you can only concentrate for one and a half hours but take two hours - the last half hour could be a waste of money). Taking your driving lessons in two-hour sessions as opposed to one hour lessons. The reason for this is that nearly every time you meet your instructor a small amount of time will be spent recapping on previous learning and there will be a few minutes getting back into the 'swing of things'.

If, for example, it took 10 minutes at the beginning of the lesson to 'get back to where you were', in two hour driving lessons you would only be spending that '10 minutes' once.

The final way to save money as you learn to drive is to do plenty of private practice (assuming that you have access to a suitably insured car) interspersed with your regular lessons. To make the most of private practice it is recommended to use that time to practice what you have learned during your previous sessions. The problem with doing too much, too early, is that you could be getting yourself into a few bad habits. If you were to leave all your private driving practice until after all your professional training, you will have been using your paid training time to practice.

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you 'all the best' as you set out to learn to drive. Driving lessons can be a valuable addition to both your chances of passing the driving test and ongoing 'general life' - but make sure you get a good value for money deal [URL=""]Autel Maxisys MS908CV[/URL].

Happy Driving!

Helen is the company secretary of a driving schools comparison website - who provide a vast array of driving instructors from all over the UK.
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