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Fuck I hate this word. Ok, so, Feminism... Right, so let me talk about this subject to which irritates me pretty badly. It's not just the million of trolls in the Internet, or the actual people/women who are "Feminists", it's the fact that it's idea is somewhat different from what every feminist shouts about.

Feminism is an idea of putting to equal men and women, of this everybody can understand. And it's something I don't really understand these days... Right, if we were in the 30's or 40's, where women were mainly and only housemaids, and would therefore be ridicularized by men, then I would actually love all that. But, fact is, we're in 2015, 21st century, and right now equal rights to everybody is something very common in every first world country. Seeing women going on about how they are sexually harassed in plain day, and how women get raped every year, and how domestic violence is still a problem, has got nothing to do with what Feminism really is, all those that I've stated previously, are crimes. Nothing that can be solved! If all crimes could be solved like finding a cure to a disease, then we would need no police.

But I must admit, I get very mad at women, specifically girls who aren't even 18, that say they're feminists, and they fight for the female power. What the fuck does that mean? Does it mean you girls wanna get a revenge on guys for whatever was done in the past? You make yourselves look like if you were slaves. Makes absolutely no sense.

Right now, there's more equality in gender than ever before. And has been like that for a very long while. Don't go on and say shit that the US or other countries never had a Female leader. If they never did, it's because no female was ever qualified for it. As in anything, I hate this shitty little image girls try to portray of a "strong independent women", it's like lifting weights. "Ah no, you do it, I'm not that strong".

Just understand what you're fighting for rather than yelling bullshit all the time. If there's anyone who should yell and type bullshit, it's me! Me and other writers who have nothing better to do with their lives but to sit and type. So stop going on about the wrong points. Wanna be Feminists? Read the fucking definition of it, think, think twice, decide!

The End!

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  1. SkidroW's Avatar
    If women should have equal rights as men then men have equal rights as women so that means you can fucking slap yo bitch without her calling you an ******* because I now have the same rights !
  2. [DRD]Joe's Avatar
    tl;dr lmao
  3. Eazy187's Avatar
    Woah youre such a misogynist
  4. Jeff's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Eazy187
    Woah youre such a misogynist
    Not in the slightest. Not every women is a feminist per se.
  5. Eazy187's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ThePROIsHere
    Not in the slightest. Not every women is a feminist per se.
    You have been bamboozled m8
  6. Jeff's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Eazy187
    You have been bamboozled m8
    How so?