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Server Change Log v4.2.1

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Server Change Log v4.2.1 - 29th Nov 2013

  • /Cuff will now freeze players.

  • !ban on IRC will now save adminbanner's name instead of jikybot.

  • Army base has been changed to a better base also, old army base has been removed.

  • The admin vehicles slap bug which was reported on forums is now fixed.

  • /Rules has been updated.

  • /tackle froze bug has bene fixed.

  • Players can no longer use /escape /jailinsurance /jailcards when jailed by Admins.

  • Major Robberies CP BUG ? Probably Fixed

  • Vehicles @ Stunter base are now locked for stunters only.

  • Nrg is now available @ Autobahn.

  • /rob id bug: Fixed
    /gunpack3 bug: Fixed

  • Bomb Shop has been added.
  • More locations for cash hideout added.
  • You now pay taxes every game week. (Taxes depends on your House cost & Bank cash).

  • For bank robberies you now need to blow up the safe with c4.

More such blow up robberies will be added later.

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  1. Eternal's Avatar
    Jikesh, your a legend. I love the new bank robbery shit.