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Untitled Story

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This is just a random write because I had a shitton of muse, but it wasn't directed in any spot. Enjoy. This will probably end up in a random place in a story somewhere that I'll eventually write.

Alailia stood, ready to rush forward foolishly as her group of friend fought the large bear like beast at the edge of her city. The blue haired teen, despite lacking in the regard of power, had a will that would burst through walls. She was proud, and hated not being able to help much. She was but a child compared to her peers, though, powers under developed and not quite there. It was really only her blue hair which put her in such an advanced class of people. The sign of the goddess, that color had been deemed. Alailia wasn't the only one with that sign, but it was a rarity. It stood to speak that they were choosen special by the divine beings themselves. Not quite a demi god, but something amazing. It was still questionable Alailia's purpose, though. She wasn't much of a fighter, despite her best efforts.

All these people she was in school with, all who were ready to give their lives to protect hers, stood panting looking at their enemy, and Alailia wanted to attack. There was shout as the beast threw a paw out knocking Casidhe into a wall. He was up within moments, moving to block Allison's rear, but it didn't change anything. Noticing the beast shifting to slap at the pair again, Alailia moved quickly to cover them, taking a hit she knew she'd be chastised about later. A light shout at Alailia told her she needed to move and stumbling up from where she had fallen she just managed away from a pounding form as Rachelle fell before her. A groan, but no effort to move. "Rai!" was the words the young girl shouted as she moved to pull her friend away from the pound of this creatures fist on the ground.

They both ended up slung by the force, but otherwise unharmed. Despite her lacking ability in any other effect, Alailia was an expert healer, which was the only reason she had been given her wish to fight along side her friend. Arms wrapped tightly around Rai's thin figure as a mumble of a prayer was said. Alailia's long blue hair glowed as Rai's body was healed. The teen wouldn't likely wake for a couple hours, but that was okay as long as she would get back to the building with them. As this went on Cas and Allie were focusing all their energy into fighting this thing and keeping it away from the two.

The goddesses child hadn't noticed through her distraction as her two friend paired together against the creature. Cas beating it's flank in with his arm knives and Allie going at it's back with the pointed end of her over sized mallet. Rai's sword had been lost on the battle feild, but that wasn't a huge deal. The two separated parties of the group focused on their own tasks until Alailia had been certain in the fact that her friend would be okay, and looked just in time to see Cas pound against the stone ground. He'd be okay, he was bouncing up like rubber, and given the air tallent she was sure she knew why. Air pillow. A glance around and Alailia was rushing for Rai's blade, Allie shouting at her.

"Laili, Don't you dar--!!"

Distraction during a battle was never a good thing, and while one might think a wild creature to be stupid, they learned just as the people did. A sling back sent Allison into a tree, and Cas quickly after her. "Damn it, Laili!" the teen heard Casidhe shout at her while she rushed the being. Alailia wasn't going to be useless, though. for this, she was determined. She managed maybe one hit on the thing before her poor skill showed and she fell back, not even maintaining a grip on the weapon.

However, it was enough of a distraction for the two friends she knew would get on her case later to attack in their way. Bursts of fire spun with the air they traveled in engulfed the enormous beast before Allie's hammer pounded down on its head. A roar sounded before an arm blade graced its throat silencing and dropping the creature. A moment of panting and looking between Allie and Cas before a glare shot towards Alailia. She shrank back before running to Rai.

It was quiet as they got Rachel back to the temple, though once nurses had taken the fallen friend, eyes landed on Alailia. "Take off your shirt, how bad did it hit you?" Allie demanded without a second thought to Cas being there. Alailia flushed red, of course, rather flustered by this. So, she was a little reckless, but that didn't constitute the amout of protection this group gave her.

"R-relax!" the teen protested. In the end, though, she'd much rather go up against that beast alone than against Allie. Allison was scary, and that was all there was to it. "I'm fine, I promise," she tried to assure her friends, but Cas just gave her a look while Allie spoke up.

"You're out their to HEAL, Alailia! You're lucky you didn't get yourself killed, taking another warriors weapon and attempting to use it yourself. What if Rai's magic had been lingering on the blade? What did you accomplish aside from getting yourself knocked into something? And apparently no sense knocked into you!"

Okay, so in all honesty, she deserved that, but it was't as if she'd see it. Another persons weapon was easily taken as a poison if the wielders magic still rested on it. For the most part, it faded after a couple minutes of the thing not being in possession, but there was always that overly powerful user who's magic lasted longer. The magic tied the person and the weapon together, and when someone else wielded it the magic and weapon would still be tied to the other person. It basically turned the weapon against the new wielder. Some people didn't use this method, but it was highly encouraged. Alailia knew this, too, so taking that sword had been a foolish choice. Still, her untamed nature refused to allow her to sit there and let everyone else have the fun.

"Allie, I know why you're mad, but please. Rai doesn't bind her weapons, she never has. I'm fine, and we made it back. Isn't that what matters?"

"NO! You need to listen to us, Alailia! We're your friends, and your team mates! We are protecting you, and you don't even seem to care. You could've gotten yourself killed out there. Then where would we be?"

"Here. While my corps was prepared for burial and reports were filled out."

Red face huffs came from Allie at the sarcastic remarks and Cas finally decided to step up. For the most part he tried to stay away from it when Allie and Laili argued, because he knew it was a pointless feat and they'd be just fine 30 minutes later. There were times though, when intervention was needed.

"Relax, you two. Alailia, Allie just wants to look out for you, just listen to her, okay?"

A frown, but Laili nodded quietly. "Okay." That was all she said before she felt her hand taken and being pulled.

"Now let me take a look at where you got hurt," Allie told her while dragging the teen back to their dorm. There was a slight groan, but otherwise no more protest from the girl. Cas was right, Allie only wanted what was best.

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  1. chillin's Avatar
    When you first posted this, I was like: sorry, tl;dr. Just finished reading it now and it's pretty good.

    Some constructive criticism (just in my opinion, so disregard it if you want):

    • Your story's setting (surroundings, where and when the story occurs, etc) lacks descriptive detail.
    • Characters are slightly underdeveloped.

    I can appreciate you didn't want to make it too long and, as you said, it was just a random write. I enjoyed reading it. Share more in the future maybe.