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"It's only a game"

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This is the most common of reactions/replies to whenever I post negatively following a list of things of why people should not be Staff Members in Team DRD. It's so confusing, it's like the person who's coming up with this reply seriously is more worried in being able to say anything of substance. I'll talk about this after I get done with the general use of the term.

In every single game, every single server, every single community, there will always be that one guy, that if he sucks at it will go "It's only a game". I don't get it, is it that the person doesn't take enjoyment in playing the game? The whole basis of online games is that, whilst playing with your friends, one will be better than the other, and the other will be worse, and vice-versa. Might not be a constant, but that's what online gaming is about. Bringing competitiveness to a group of friends, to a group of players. I simply can't get past the idea of someone saying "It's just a game", whenever they're down in comparison to others, it gives such a sore loser vibe, it's incredible. Basically, we're all here to enjoy playing the game, it is very normal to be upbeat for winning, whether it's not a game, or else what is the point of playing the game if you don't want to feel upbeat or spend a few hours of your time having some nice geek enjoyment with yourself and some shitty character on Habbo? Yes, it's a game, but just because someone's happy for coming out victorious doesn't mean they take the game as their daytime job.

Now, for the Team DRD one. It has become common practice to use it as an excuse to whenever someone comes up with a good point on your application thread. Notoriously, Max and TheBoss have replied this to me, surely many more in the past have. Anyways let me tell you how that's just plain wrong and confusing at the same time. You're applying for a Staff member position in a gaming community, so you're basically applying for a position where is regarded a certain level of seriousness in order to represent the community, therefore if your reply is that I'm taking it way too serious because it's just a game and not a daytime job, why don't you give that same answer to the guy who pays bills(no matter how late) to keep this community running for 6 years. Go ahead and PM Jikesh "It's just a game bruh", he hasn't paid all his bills just off donators money that's for sure, it took time to build up the community to a point where it's been opened for almost a decade, and you think just because it's a game it shouldn't be taken with a level of seriousness? I don't understand. DRD isn't my life, but I do dedicate a portion of my time to it, and so does every single staff, if you're not willing to do the same then you shouldn't be appointed as one, the end.

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  1. Jeff's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Max_Lobster
    Good job on displaying yourself to be the super admin of all times, good job a real goddamn good job.

    Remember you made jokes about cancer?
    Remember you became mad because i told Portugal rocked at European Championship this year?
    Remember you went bezerk when i said Portuguese fag?

    Your not all mentioning this by yourself, because why should you??? It will lower your reputation right? But this blog is pathetic at its highest point, you seriously are telling in this post that i'm not thankful for Jikesh paying all this bills???? Who in godsake are you to say something like that about someone you actually barely know?
    Quoting from my reply to your admin application "(...) there might be a line where you cannot specify the difference between what do you acknowledge as a wrong attitude/mindset, to what in actuality is a wrong behaviour." You don't understand what the blog is about, but since you know it can't be argued on decent terms you decide to make some mad statement of how I'm displaying myself to be the super admin, to which case I don't know how to be one, do I wear a cape? Do I fly? Can't tell.

    Let me clear you out of something, that I already have on IRC Pms with you, but since it's the forum, let's see how people react to it... To you making jokes about cancer is not something it should be done, when 90 % of the server makes jokes about autism to a certain amount of players. The only reason you get upset for a cancer joke is because it personally affects you, well it personally should affect me as well, but I'm not announcing it to the world, nor do I get upset by it. Again, I understand that you can be upset for it, you're not me, and I'm not you, but if you really want to argue for a logical point of view why cancer jokes are not funny, there isn't one. Because a joke no matter what subject if it's a good one it's funny.

    About my reputation, I mean... let's not mock about I'm hardly Mick Jagger when it comes to reputation. I'm not necessarily followed by paparazzi's after a shady sentence. If anything it's followed by a report on the forums to which I have to reply to, in which case, my reputation pretty much stands as a guy that says too much. I mean, I didn't necessarily had to reply to this attempt of whatever you're attempting to, but I felt like I owed you it.

    As for last, it's not that I'm saying you're not thankful for the bills being paid and for the community to be up, what I'm saying is, if you're making an application for staff member, there is a level of seriousness that comes with being a staff, no it's not a job, but it can't be regarded like a joke either because someone has been spending of his money to keep this running. And if you do regard it seriously, how is "this is just a game" anywhere near of it? That's what the blog is about. Not about me going Clark Kent and saving the world by rotating it clockwise direction.
  2. Jeff's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Max_Lobster
    My level of seriousness on this apply was really high, and i tried to convince people in my understatement that i am hoping to get another last chance to prove myself i can handle it. Maybe your right im immature for now? But who says that it couldn't change by having a good chance in this community to become something, i bet several CEO's in this world were also immature before they began the journey to become something and so am i.
    Shouldn't all applications at least have a chance for 1 month to show the staff they are actually worth it? No, clearly no because i got denied right away.

    I would've not replied to this at all if i got my chance to prove myself for at least one month, and after that you could've easily wrote this blog to tell everyone i suck dick and i wouldn't even mind because hey you had actual facts to base something like this on but now you actually don't and the best part is you even created this blog the same evening/night so it actually does bother you what i do and where i'd like to be part of.
    If we accepted trials based on what may be their potential, then anyone could make it through the application, at least is how I think it works, I'm not in a position of accepting/denying anyone. Again, the blog isn't only just to you, TheBoss had said the same thing to me a couple of times, others have done it as well in the past, just because I decided to make the blog after you told me the same thing doesn't mean it's completely and solely directed to you. What bothers me is the reply, not what you do or "where you'd like to be part of", whatever that means. It's confusing to me that you can say "it's only a game" but you've decided that you want to be part of the staff, just doesn't add up. You say you applied with a high level of seriousness, but to me, you replying that "it's only a game" just means you don't take it as serious as I would like a staff member to take his/her position.