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YouTube, u are getting dumb as fuck, I mean YouTube can't be dumb but YouTuber can, they BATH IN SHIT FOR GETTING VIEWS OMG, well, the 10 year old kids like it, tbh, I would rather watch "How to build shit in MINECRAFT" then like to bath in shit, well if they have fun with this, I think YouTube is very pupillary right now, but in some years it will be down, or not interesting anymore. Because yeah, sure there are many ideas, but for how long? As u can see many YouTuber don't got any ideas and have to bath in shit, so lemme create a YouTube acc tmrw and lets bath in the DayZ script with the whole community, (nohate against the script), well there are some good YouTuber, doing news, talking about good ideas, I know many "lower" YouTuber with like 500 subs, but they do better things then bath in smth.

Have a nice day,

Regards Arved

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  1. oussama's Avatar
    Yeah, Leafy save us