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- Arved's German lesson

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Hey you wanna know some German? Yes? Damn, u're right here.
Well here are some words/ sentences for you.

Man sieht sich=See you
Pizza= Pizza
Wie = How
Wo = Where
Wer = Who
Wie geht es dir= How are you
Nazi = Nazi
Ich heiße <...> = My name is <...>
Ich bin <...> Jahre alt = I'm <...> Years old
Katzen = Cats
Ich liebe dich = I Love you
Ich hasse dich = I hate you
Geschlechtsverkehr = Sex
Baum = Tree
Wasser = Water
Auto = Car
Essen = Food
Ich bin betrunken = I'm drunk
Ich habe Hunger = I'm hungry
Ich hätte gerne einen <...> = I would like a/an <...>
Ich bin = I'm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alen
    I knew u will post smth like that xd