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- Facts about me

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1: My name is Arved
2: I'm 14 Years old
3: I'm from Germany
3: I'm going to school
4: U didn't saw there were 2 "3"
5: My favorite food is Pizza
6: I like Cats
7: My favorite color is Yellow
8: My favorite letter is A
9: I don't like OG_Baig
10: I hate LoL
11: I'm a Gta gamer, played like every Gta.
12: I played the San Andreas story 2 times
13: My hairs are blond/brown
14: My eyes are green
15: I'm semi good at school
16: I got a girlfriend
17: What about 20 Facts?
18: I like DayZ, Gta, Altis.
19: I stopped playing Gta V
20: I hate Hacker #reached20

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