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What is a Staff Member?

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It's 4:30 am, and I'm seriously having one of those nights where sleeping is simply not going too well for me. So what you know from this intro is that ahead you'll have a ramble about what is a Staff Member, basic insight on human reaction, and the most unpleasant guy describing all that to you, on top of that, feeling moody. (as always)

So, what is a Staff Member? I mean none of that bullshit about how to be one, I feel tired of people going on about how they should be Admin, or how current Staff are either raccoons disguised of human, or Gods of the Underworld and the Depths of the Ocean and Darkness. References, if you didn't get them, just pretend you did. In fact, a Staff Member is just a guy who appealed to the community and became who he is (hence there having applications). You'd think by now that, people who are chosen to be Staff are highly respected by most community members in some degree, so really if they're on the few chosen ones, and they withstood there for a good period of time, then they thoroughly deserved their placement.

Still, there are some people who may disagree with this, and I'm not saying people cannot be entitled to their own opinion, but it just seems to me, SEEMS TO ME, that most of these people are guys who either never came close of being Staff themselves, or were put aside after a try or two. In all honesty, this can be put into one word. Envy. And I know, there is nothing really envious about being a Staff Member, but maybe because they weren't given the respect they wish they would. I'm not sure. To me it's simple, if you're not Staff, and people don't want you as such, you're doing many things wrong. There's no science behind, nor am I claiming to know that there is something in specific you should be doing, but really if people don't want you to be sort of representing the community, then it's because you are not deserving of such.

And that is me saying! Out of all people, since always in staff, I've been hated/disliked by many people, including fellow staff. I don't mind people not liking me, I'm not here to please, I'm here to do whatever my position supposedly is. I do not claim to do it better than anyone nor am I in a position of saying such, the point is, if people who are highly regarded here (or most of the community) don't "like" you, then you're not capable of being Staff. At least not here. Take note, just because you aren't liked it's not because you're unfriendly or whatever else that might include good language. Here we're all Human (I assume) so it's not because you had an argument the other day with another admin that you are in the wrong (at least it shouldn't be that way, unless the argument was based on shit nothing). Basically what I'm trying to say is that, never or very rarely will you be judged based on one single point. There's always a succession of things that have happened that lead to you not being accepted in.

And no, becoming a Staff Member is not hard, if you're good, you'll be accepted, and that's just it. I could be going on about anyone who ever got accepted and claim they were shit and even give facts to support my claim, that it wouldn't matter. Like I said, if you've been here for a good period of time you were/are not a fluke. Now of course, there's no really telling how can you become one. It's neither complex or simple, it just is. Reality is, to me, it doesn't matter if you teach 1 or 100 players how to play the game/server, or if you're friends with everybody, or if you are active, or if you love the community, or all of the ones said before, to me what matters is that you are you, and you're sufficiently smart to not fuck up. Now that's my way of judging, other staff have their way of judging. And that to me is something I feel it's missing in current's staff, the ability to judge shit. Really, blows my mind when in one application, people don't judge the player, instead give him a bland Yes or No. There's no way that guy will ever understand what is he doing wrong and how could he improve, although I do admit there are some lost impossible cases, but still, wouldn't hurt to give a tiny little bit of interest into one's application.

But yeah, that's pretty much it. If you want a TL;DR here you have one. A Staff Member is a person just like you, except he's mostly always more experienced in the community than you are, and he knows his shit, or else he wouldn't be where he is. In addition, if you want to be one you shouldn't be chasing it, nor should you be so delusional to the point to think you can be Staff, when you're clearly not close to it. If you're not accepted it's a variation of reasons, and that's what you should always work on.

God, fuck this shit, now I'm going to sleep.

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