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The truth about me.

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Hello everyone, As I speak now the truth and my history in this server, I just want to share with you my past SA-MP experience, my history in this server, my behavior, my lies, my DayZ experience, lessons that I've learned, and my present self.

My SA-MP experience

In 2008, my brother Dennis told me that there is an online game in GTA SA and as I checked it when I was still in elementary, the game is incredibly awesome but the textures in the main chat isn't that great in that time. Me and my brother is finding a decent community for 5 years and we've tried every server that are available in the hosted tab servers but none of them are great enough for us to stay longer and to have more fun. Until in 2013, I were the one who tried to play in the Cops and Robbers server by the name "Kon" and after that I left. 8 months later I came back as a name "Konverse" and I asked for a refund about my old stats but [DRD]Jack_Earth/Jack_Earth(My first friend in the server) told me to ask for a refund about my old account in the forums but I was so timid to do that.

My behavior in the community

As I lied about my true self in order to look like more mature, that wasn't ended up very well and I used to lie a lot just to make me feel any better that the fact its only bringing me down and look like a retarded being who whines a lot. I used to whine a lot about everything and ranked as "The most annoying member" because of my annoying behavior. I used to be a no lifer in order to succeed and respected in fact that everyone got their own perspective. I tried to improve myself a little bit but I think its not working. I never obey the rules despite I never used the /rules command because I think I was hard.

My lies

I used to lie a lot about everything like having a daughter, being a 25 years old guy, goes to Japan for an excuse, lived in U.S. just to make me look more cooler, and I used to lie about everything until Skidrow, SpnKO, Toast, and Joe told me to stop doing it. Fuck I forgot about lying to have a cancer (thanks to Toast) and got cured for 2 weeks for an excuse that my PC got broke down.

My DayZ experience

As I know, Nobody helped me in DayZ of how to play it in the first place since the admins were inactive at that time so I am trying to learn of playing it until the time I was being a helper, my attitude towards the players are increasing and I made a lot of friends. And when I became an admin/moderator, I learned something that making the players happy makes me more happy and when I was going to spec some hackers and I were a trial moderator, I am having a bad time dealing with them despite I can only kick them out of the server. I were abusing my admin commands when I was level 2. I've met Jhuner_Antiquiera and Lonestar at the time when they were creating the best group in DayZ named "The Bullet Club" and they accepted me and I was thankful and grateful at that time. Until Jhuner_Antiquiera and my friends left the DayZ server and SOME of the Bullet Club members like Six49, Hardrock, vanoss, and wialdcat have decided to come back and trying to revive it I was really happy until the day I enrolled in the college and my relationship with them are turning into vague.

Lessons that I've learned

*Always follow the rules
*Always be respectful and respect the other people's perspectives.
*Lying isn't going to make you feel any better but its only dragging you down.
*Be honest if you're being asked for the truth.
*Respect the admins/owners
*Don't be a racist because the other people respects their own religion.
*Be obedient and follow the rules because it's helping you to become a good player.
*Be friendly and stop acting like a douche.
*Always be happy if your friends received an promotion instead of being envious about something that you don't deserve to have.
*Be contented of what you have and never be envious about something that you don't have. In order to gain/acquire the things you want you must earn it fairly.
*Keep calm and fuck the police.

My present self

Well, my present self in the community is that I am partially inactive because of my studies in college and I am so happy for my friends who got a promotion of being part of the staff because I know they deserved it more than I do and I am trying to stay out of trouble because I know that wasn't very nice and I am restraining myself in lying.

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Updated 08-21-2015 at 12:23 PM by Konverse

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  4. Akainu's Avatar
    in DayZ i never talk to ya before xD i hope we can be friend's xD
  5. Toast's Avatar
    "Skidrow, SpnKO, and Joe"

    I was the first person to call you out lol
  6. Anonymous's Avatar
    Lol only readed 1line and i got Bored
    give this guy a admin rank
    Updated 08-20-2015 at 10:14 AM by Anonymous
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    lol, Goodluck.
    Updated 08-20-2015 at 09:59 PM by SFA7
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    ahhh atlast u learned ur mistake LoL..
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    atleast you got your experienced dude , and good luck on your college :)
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    Keep calm and fuck the police.
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    good luck on your studies,
  14. Konverse's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Toast
    "Skidrow, SpnKO, and Joe"

    I was the first person to call you out lol
    That was on the cancer and cured for 2 weeks mate xD
  15. Aldrixk's Avatar
    lyke if u cri evrytim
  16. Soul_Taker's Avatar
    Good Luck With Your Studies Man