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EURO Crisis

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Hello, for the next 10 minutes of reading (I so hope so), you'll be reading my opinion only based on what I've read and made research of, if you want to discuss on the comments please do, just with facts backing you up. And fuck SUV's, who the fuck gives a shit about it anyways.

So Greece's Prime Minister, has given in to Europe Germany's Demands, and agreed in inflicting more austerity, and few other changes, that essentially mean the same. Greeks are gonna get fucked in the ass so that they can pay debts they do not owe. Actually, they do owe money, Greece is just one of the many countries who used to lend money so that they could live in an healthier environment, Greece was already a poor country, EURO was just helping them. What amazes me the most, is that Germany, and other rich countries around Europe, who belonged to Nazi Germany during WWII, are/were the ones lending this money. I fail to understand how does Germany gets off WWII, and allegedly, has to pay a whole lotta debts to France and the UK, and many other countries, for War Crimes, and Mass Destruction, as well as, the cut on expenses it was made to ensure Germany wouldn't come back all over again. How in the blue hell, can a country like this, in just a few years, get back on their feet and lead Europe? Why does it even lead? It makes absolutely no sense, it should not be leading Europe in anyway, there shouldn't be a country leading Europe, Europe is a group of countries who solve shit within eachother, not a group of countries led by Germany.

But this isn't what annoys me the most. What annoys me the most, are people from these rich countries in Europe, who keep saying "Pay your debts! Give back our money!" Like seriously what the fuck? First of all it's not your money, it's not even your country's money, it's money controlled by the Bankers who wanna get richer every year. Not yours, not your country's, banker's money! Nothing drives me more crazy than a bunch of rich as*holes saying they've worked more hours than Greek's, which in it's all it's not true, and if anything, they done the exact opposite. To me it looks like, these people, don't understand that their little shitty country has made more money laundering than a whole Mafia family! To me it looks like that these people don't understand that these so called "debts" that we(Greeks, Portuguese, Spanish) owe, are actually yours, for failing to pay these bankers a shit loads of time. Same goes to the Americans, spending year after year shit loads of money in military, but still have a great economy! To the eyes of a blind man that is. To who will the Americans pay their debts? Or do we have to pay their debts as well?

What confuses me the most in all this, is how can people who have been cheating their whole life, with political lies, and fraud, and money laundering, and whatever else they've done, how can these people not cheat again, by just saying "Fuck you bankers!" Why the fuck bankers own/controll money that belongs to a country. Why do these cunts in suits have the power to say, "We need more of your money, that initially was stored by us, but that year after year, grew so much that we needed to take a percentage of it. So now since you're not making as much money, you need to stop your civilians from making any transaction, so that you can pay us our percentage again!" Why do we have to pay these fuckers? What for?


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Updated 07-14-2015 at 08:41 AM by Jeff

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  1. Jeff's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by GreekOne
    Germany had a very fast recovery after WW2 mainly because of the vast amount of Jewish slaves.
    The money comes from both people and bankers, for example, people from Belgium pay 280Euro because of Greece's debt.
    Lying in politics was, is, and will be a very common phenomenon. Our president made 2 big "flips"(that's how we call them here) . Some years ago he had called his self and atheist and this year, before election, he became the most religious person on earth to get all the grandmas to vote for him. The second one is the one that actually made Greek people hate him. Before Elections he was mentioning, no more loans, no more debts, no more austerity meters, and just 2 days ago he voted yes on all these. It seems like Frau Merkel has a way to make everyone do whatever the hell she wants to.

    Portugal had a crisis too if I remember correctly, but your politicians managed to fix everything. The difference is this one, our politicians wouldn't give a penny to us, but instead they would share the money and then cover each other.
    Fact of the matter is that Greeks and Portuguese and Spanish, the politicians of these countries mainly, have to suck, Germans, French and Belgians dicks because we don't have a vast economy like they do. This is the absolute reason why EURO does not work, and why Europe fails to be a union force, Rich get richer and the poor get poorer. They don't care for stability in your country, they care for stability on the value of the coin, so that they can expand their own country more and more and more, so that you have to be in debt to the rest of your life. It's just a way of controlling things, Germany doesn't own Europe, by name that is, but it controls Europe by their economy, they can't control the Brits because their coin is different. Everybody is too afraid, these days, to start a massive war, like in the past, because we're not dealing anymore with only a couple of bullets. Nuclear war would mean World wide chaos, would also mean a shit load of troubles, that's why we have these little pathetic wars going on by region and countries being destroyed one by one, instead of all going down at once.

    Money is the center of everything, without money, there is nothing. Problem is, that money wasn't, isn't and never will be equally parted, there's too many cock sucking bankers getting a way with too much of our money, too much corruption, too much money laundering, too many lies.
  2. [DRD]Joe's Avatar
    feels good being 2nd biggest economy in the EU

    yw for the bailouts guys
  3. Jeff's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SpnKO
    Ah.. You are writing this on a community full of middle easterns hoping someone will give a fuck? Well tbh I did but the Egyptians are most likely to look for the tldr version or simply don't give a fuck. Great article afterall.
    Well, that thought is just stupid. Even if it doesn't directly concern Arabs or Asians or Americans, if EURO fails and falls into shit, the world's economy falls into shit. Don't expect just because your country isn't listed that it doesn't concern you in any way. Somewhere deep down the line, everyone gets fucked.