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Just Don't Argue

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Hello Team DRD, today I bring a new blog of shitty, negative, and somewhat realistic thoughts. Like everybody knows by now, the type of shit that I write about, so it isn't really a surprise.

So, as a natural critic that I am, I love to express my opinions over almost everything, that I have knowledge of. Yes, I just don't go around and talk about every fucking thing just for the sake of it. I think a lot before even typing this shitty blog.
My point here is, people love to express their opinion, which is great and all. But please do me a favor, if you're wrong about something, and your opinion has no foundation, just don't argue! Don't argue with people about useless shit, that you have no idea of what you're talking about.

I've come across with many people like this, they love to share and express their opinions, but when proved wrong, they stick to their opinion so firmly, that you might even call that person of an Ignorant. Don't be an Ignorant, being an ignorant person is one of the worse things in life. If you don't want to be an ignorant person, then start studying, or if you hate studying research things on the web. Internet is not only for Games and Facebook. Or Facebook Games. Anyways, point being, research about things, before even talking about it.

And it's not even that hard, You lazy cunts have got Google. It's just hurtful to try and have a smart talk with someone about a determined subject, and that person know jack shit of what he/she is saying. If you want to look cultural, and smart, at least try. Don't make a fool out of yourself by talking gibberish.

Also, try to avoid arguments about Politics, Religion and Football/Sports. It's just worthless, it's various opinions and ideals of one person crashing into a person with opposite ideals. Believe me, try to put a Christian and an Atheist in a conversation, or a Socialist with a Nationalist, or a Man United fan with a Man City fan. It's like watching the TV Show How I Met Your Mother, until they come to the end of the conversation, you have to go through 7 Seasons. Even then...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob_Spray
    It's non of my choice to have you read the blog or not. It is of your choice tho, to be an Ignorant or not. ;)