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Hello guys, since I am quite bored, and I want my job to be talking about bullshit all the time, I've decided to write you this blog about Incest.

And oh my god, Incest! A person speaks this word or types it you go like full sick "Oh my god, that's awful and sick". But, don't you all deep down in your mind, deep down there, in your heads, don't you think about that one Cousin that everyone finds attractive, oh and don't come with bullshits about "I am not that type of person", everybody is like this, when people hear the word "Incest" they automatically start thinking of that one cousin. That one cousin that everybody has, and that everybody would like to fuck. Here's an example of a conversation about Incest:

Dave: Man, this news about incest...
You: Oh god incest.. (Actually that one cousin I do have..)
Dave: Yeah this guy and his sister..
You: Oh god that's fucking sick, I mean cousins are a thing, but Sisters!!!

Why the fuck is it okay to fuck your cousin but not your sister, is it because she came from the same fucking hole you came from? What if it's a half-sister is it okay then!? You're like so okay in fucking your cousin, but not fucking your sister. Isn't it sick both ways? And as the damn conversation goes on:

Dave: Yeah I know, this guy also had a baby with his own mother..

OHHH SHIT! Right then you go insane sick about that, but you still have in your depraved mind the image of your one cousin you could still fuck! And the conversation goes on and on, and you find out that, that guy has committed more incest than half the gypsies and rednecks in the whole god damn world. But you would still be okay in fucking your cousin, because let's admit it. Fucking your Sister and Mom is fucked up! It's some serious shit! But not fucking your cousin, fucking your cousin is always okay.

This is just an open-minded blog about Incest and Stereotypes, why would it be okay in one way but not in another. Incest is sick either way, You shouldn't fuck sisters, cousins, aunts, moms, no one related to your family. And in before people in the comments go berserk about how not everybody in the world thinks this way, spare me a bit, don't lie. It's okay to face the fact on how the Human Brain awkwardly works from time to time.


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Updated 06-03-2014 at 09:36 AM by Jeff

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  1. Toast's Avatar
  2. KarloBiznis's Avatar
    Holy shit, this is so deep.
  3. |Gore's Avatar
    ThePROIsHere as the sage of DRD - yep, he deserves such range under his avatar :D
  4. Jeff's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by |Gore
    ThePROIsHere as the sage of DRD - yep, he deserves such range under his avatar :D
    Can be argued!