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Basic Logic

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Hello, TeamDRD Community! This blog is about Logic and only logic. Whether you consider it false or true, it's none of my problem.

For starters, what is logic? Without going to any shit Wikipedia, Logic is obviously what makes sense, and people wonder what is this. What is making sense? Because you know in any situation of A vs B anything could make sense to this 2. Do you guys even know what is common sense? No? Common sense is a "decision" always made out of a C point. I know my words are complicated to understand some times, IN EXAMPLE:

Billy can have a significant advantage in the game.
Steve can also have a significant advantage in the game.
Both with different options that can give them an unfair advantage between them and other players
In an argument Billy says that Steve's option shouldn't be allowed and Steve says that Billy's option shouldn't be allowed.
Jikesh, as the Server Owner, comes by and says that both options shouldn't be allowed and that's over.

(I think I made myself clear)

Basically common sense it's what is best for everyone and not just a particular person. As you can see Logic and Common Sense share a lot with each other. I think this explanation was needed a very long time ago. The majority of the players don't understand what we mean by Common Sense.
Anyhow, I'm talking about this because of recent events with other people creating their own Servers and Communities. I wonder where is the logic of creating a server with a downloaded Game mode, open the server, have almost nobody to play in it, advertise it in DRD, where you used to play in (not to mention it's a community that has been in SAMP since 2007) and even have the decency of saying DRD is dead because you DDoS it. God, with so many facts in one sentence, I am able to say this person has got absolutely no brains at all. Left alone the age he says he has. And yes people already know of who I am talking about, but it doesn't matter, because at the end of the day he's not the only one creating his own Server/Community. Hey, I've said this before, SA:MP isn't Minecraft, in SA:MP you gotta script things yourself to actually have a good server, not download servers out of the SA:MP Forums. Just a pro tip.

It's all about Logic people, and thinking about it everyday, at least once. Don't think that everything that makes sense to you, is going to make sense to everybody. Hell, neither I think of that like it. Just think of what makes sense to the majority of people, as simple as that.
Maybe this way, we can avoid so many foolishness acts, regarding the creation of the new Servers and Communities, well not only that, but well, you get the point.


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  1. KarloBiznis's Avatar
    Finaly a blog!
    This was needed because some people lack the "gift" of logic.
  2. Darkcrowsx's Avatar
    Nice Blog
  3. Toast's Avatar
    Also, don't fucking drive up that ramp as a stunter if you know you'll get banned.... Again, common sense.
  4. chillin's Avatar
    Maybe this blog isn't supposed to be a discussion, but whatever. Within the context of SA:MP, what's been said is pretty conclusive.

    Beyond that, 'common sense' is a subjective term and concept. Just my opinion but I think it's difficult to find universally accepted and agreeable definitions of 'common' and 'normal'; mainly because such definitions themselves would be subject to the definer's own interpretation.

    Some things seem true for all of us and we can universally agree upon them. Others fall into the grey. An abyss of uncertainty and difference; one which grows as human behaviour and perspective of the world and self grow more diverse.

    In addition to numerous social factors, common sense is subject to the experiences collectively shared by a populace. If this basis itself varies vastly, said common sense no longer remains common.
    Updated 04-27-2014 at 08:03 PM by chillin
  5. Th3UnKnOwN's Avatar
    Nice blog, Been waiting to read an actual blog. Not just some shit I have already read in someone's post.
  6. KeeLLoo's Avatar
    I agree with Unknow.Very Nice.
  7. Westcoast's Avatar