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Guys, due to the recent situations happening in DRD, I have got myself thinking about how is it like to be RICH. Like, let's all just imagine for a bit.

We all got irl problems with family, friends, school, etc.. But let's give RICH a break, he's most likely the person with more problems than Michael Jackson had! I mean, you might think MJ didn't have many problems, but if you count the Sun in, then everywhere he goes he's got a problem... Or went... Or had... he's dead. Point is, we don't like RICH for many arguable reasons, but RICH has got a problem that we should respect it above all.

A few may of already got what I am talking about, but for the ones who haven't, lemme explain to you all the details:
RICH has got a Community to own and control, like Jikesh, but let's give it an example of countries. Jikesh's community is China, and Rich's community is Ethiopia?
RICH has got an anger problem, like anyone has, but that activates more frequently than normal people, also known as kidragez666 disease. It has many side effects, as of per example... Butthurt.
RICH has got people behind him telling him that he's great and that he's a great owner, just to get powers in Ethiopia, we could also refer the example of Politicians, but since these people aren't really that smart and not at all efficient, I'll go with the word... Noobs
For everybody to understand, RICH has got many problems to deal with, all leading to the Main Mental Disease (MMD)...

(and to the ones who got this at first a medal)
Retardness. And don't laugh! It's contagious, just look at DarkLored and England... Anyways, it's a very dangerous disease.
For all the people out there with Retardness, please keep yourselves at home, and preferable with no computer.

Just an alert for DRD community since this disease has stroke our community 2 times in 2 months, and now this. I am afraid it will expand. Ways of preventing? Always wear a condom.

Best Regards,

PS: Fuck you Root.

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  1. Toast's Avatar
  2. Tjardo[Robber]'s Avatar
    kidragez666 disease LOL

    well said
  3. Root's Avatar
  4. Jeff's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Root
    RIP Your soul
  5. KarloBiznis's Avatar
    I lold hard, thanks PRO :DDD
  6. Westcoast's Avatar
  7. Eternal's Avatar
  8. GreekOne's Avatar
    1.MJ had vitiligo
    2. Too much /care for RICH
    3. The condom you mentioned should have been used by your father some years ago.
  9. Jeff's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by GreekOne
    1.MJ had vitiligo
    2. Too much /care for RICH
    3. The condom you mentioned should have been used by your father some years ago.
  10. neo's Avatar
    Look Like Some One Got Way Too Much Time :D