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[DRD] Los Santos Cops And Robbers



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  1. Religion Two Bueno

    So it's my first blog ever and I've been here since March 2014,

    Lets talk about Religion one more time, As a guy who believes that God exists and he's very much real, We humans sometimes can't believe in the unseen but why?, I'm going to discuss it as a Muslim who believes that Islam is the straight path, Islam is not a cult nor an organization which all its purpose is to raise money and power, It's a guidance to your mortal life, But how do we believe in something we never saw before ...
  2. Religion

    Hi, it's me, yes it's another blog, yes I know you barely read the entire thing, but it's still the only way I know how to completely vent out on things that I feel like I need to do some thoroughly explaining and voice out my opinion on.

    Religion! Religion to discussion subjects is like what Wrestlemania is to Wrestling, like what World Cup is to football, but I felt like it was more than due time to write a blog specifically about it. Although this kind of comes in light from the ...

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  3. Game review: Batman: The telltale series (season 1)

    More Information

    Batman: The particular Telltale Collection is an episodic story-led encounter game out there now upon the vast majority of video games furniture. Surfacing from typically the Batcave with respect to Comiconverse is normally Alan Inventory with this specific review embracing the whole first period, five assaults in almost all.

    Game Overview: Batman: The particular Telltale Sequence (Season 1)

    More reviews avalible here: ...
  4. Okay.

    [Quote=ahmed31]Thanks very much for this blog chillin. I promise I'll quit drd if a blog suprasses this one.
  5. que???

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