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  1. que???

  2. "It's only a game"

    This is the most common of reactions/replies to whenever I post negatively following a list of things of why people should not be Staff Members in Team DRD. It's so confusing, it's like the person who's coming up with this reply seriously is more worried in being able to say anything of substance. I'll talk about this after I get done with the general use of the term.

    In every single game, every single server, every single community, there will always be that one guy, that if he sucks ...
  3. - YouTube..

    YouTube, u are getting dumb as fuck, I mean YouTube can't be dumb but YouTuber can, they BATH IN SHIT FOR GETTING VIEWS OMG, well, the 10 year old kids like it, tbh, I would rather watch "How to build shit in MINECRAFT" then like to bath in shit, well if they have fun with this, I think YouTube is very pupillary right now, but in some years it will be down, or not interesting anymore. Because yeah, sure there are many ideas, but for how long? As u can see many YouTuber don't got any ideas ...
  4. - Vip Yes or No

    Well I'm asking myself since idk 2 months if it would be nice to be VIP in DayZ, well only 9$ and u get fucking awesome advantages, but actually I can't pay with Card, so is there any way with Paysafe card or smth? Well, I think 30 Days are ok, but is there any way for buying it for a Year?

    Thanks for Reading
    Thanks for Comments.

    Regards Arved
  5. - Arved's German lesson

    Hey you wanna know some German? Yes? Damn, u're right here.
    Well here are some words/ sentences for you.

    Man sieht sich=See you
    Pizza= Pizza
    Wie = How
    Wo = Where
    Wer = Who
    Wie geht es dir= How are you
    Nazi = Nazi
    Ich heiße <...> = My name is <...>
    Ich bin <...> Jahre alt = I'm <...> Years old
    Katzen = Cats
    Ich liebe dich = I Love you
    Ich ...
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