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[DRD] Los Santos Cops And Robbers (Online)



TeamDRD Wishes You All A Merry Christmas!

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  1. Server Change Log v4.2.3

    Server change log: Version: 4.2.3

    ./RC is now only for RP players.
    Autobahn vehicles are now locked to player's name and will stay in the server till it gets destroyed or server restarts.
    Taxes has been reduced.
    Caligulas casino has been added in Los Santos.
    You can now buy decrypter at bomb shop to decrypt the caligulas's vault.
    JikyBot will now unmute muted players after 2 minutes.
    JikyBot will now auto mute players who spam.
    You can now
  2. DRD in Eras


    That's the word I would start with. But since I really don't want to go so offensive, I will just call it a downhill.

    DRD is a great community, no matter what Era are we in. As long as there are people that are fun and nice. Some people just don't get it, that you can obtain your goals with fun without ruining anyone's day. Like, I don't mind people ruining my fun as long as they're having fun. I mean, what would be the point of ruining other people's fun, if ...
  3. Server Change Log v4.2.1

    Server Change Log v4.2.1 - 29th Nov 2013

    • /Cuff will now freeze players.

    • !ban on IRC will now save adminbanner's name instead of jikybot.

    • Army base has been changed to a better base also, old army base has been removed.

    • The admin vehicles slap bug which was reported on forums is now fixed.

    • /Rules has been updated.

    • /tackle froze
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