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  1. - Dear Diary #2

    Today was a fucking bad day, i joined At 10 a clock and farmed my stuff for like 2 Hours, then i got killed by a Hacker with wallhack, After that i wanted to join again, but my net sucked, so there wasnt any Chance to join.

  2. Dear Diary #Day1

    Dear Diary,
    Today was a good day, we took some hostages with Darth, looted stuff and idk, but then I joined for 5 secs and got killed by a Hacker.

    Regards Arved
  3. Post Photo Of You

  4. What is a Staff Member?

    It's 4:30 am, and I'm seriously having one of those nights where sleeping is simply not going too well for me. So what you know from this intro is that ahead you'll have a ramble about what is a Staff Member, basic insight on human reaction, and the most unpleasant guy describing all that to you, on top of that, feeling moody. (as always)

    So, what is a Staff Member? I mean none of that bullshit about how to be one, I feel tired of people going on about how they should be Admin, or ...
  5. Write Protection Error

    Recently I've had this very bad and annoying problem on my USB key, which drove me to dump it for once, I surfed deeply into the net trying to find out how to fix that issue, and eventually I've gonne far, and got rid of that virus, so here how I did it, incase you have the same problem with some stockage devices,

    Method 1 of 2: Diskpart (Windows) Disable

    Enter "cmd" in the Start menu. To access the command line in Windows, open the Start
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