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  1. - Vip Yes or No

    Well I'm asking myself since idk 2 months if it would be nice to be VIP in DayZ, well only 9$ and u get fucking awesome advantages, but actually I can't pay with Card, so is there any way with Paysafe card or smth? Well, I think 30 Days are ok, but is there any way for buying it for a Year?

    Thanks for Reading
    Thanks for Comments.

    Regards Arved
  2. - Arved's German lesson

    Hey you wanna know some German? Yes? Damn, u're right here.
    Well here are some words/ sentences for you.

    Man sieht sich=See you
    Pizza= Pizza
    Wie = How
    Wo = Where
    Wer = Who
    Wie geht es dir= How are you
    Nazi = Nazi
    Ich heiße <...> = My name is <...>
    Ich bin <...> Jahre alt = I'm <...> Years old
    Katzen = Cats
    Ich liebe dich = I Love you
    Ich ...
  3. - The story about [DRD]Darth KIDS HAVING S** 14 YEAR OLD GIRL AND BOY

    Here is a another story, @Darth this story is only for fun, if u don't want this post just pm me for removing it.

    [DRD]Darth got born in 1998 at bosnia, he got born in a rich family with a luxus Villa, a racing ring, a shoting range, and security, well as he got 3 he started playing SA:MP, he played it for 1 year, but then his mom said: [DRD]Darth u have to go in kindergarten now, [DRD]Darth was really sad about that, but the first day was really happy for ...
  4. The real story about OG_Baig 14 YEAR OLD GIRL NAKED!!!!

    Well if u clicked my blog because of that title, u are a pervet, nevermind, u want to know OG_Baig's Story?; "NOOO". Nice I heard a yes. Let's go.

    OG_Baig got born in Mexico in 2004, he got born in a poor family on a farm with a corn field, he had to eat corn everyday, well he liked corn, the family too, they used corn as Car, as shower, as Dildo, and and..., when he was 6 he got into kindergarten, well they don't liked him, so he had to go to school ...
  5. - Facts about me

    1: My name is Arved
    2: I'm 14 Years old
    3: I'm from Germany
    3: I'm going to school
    4: U didn't saw there were 2 "3"
    5: My favorite food is Pizza
    6: I like Cats
    7: My favorite color is Yellow
    8: My favorite letter is A
    9: I don't like OG_Baig
    10: I hate LoL
    11: I'm a Gta gamer, played like every Gta.
    12: I played the San Andreas story 2 times
    13: My hairs are blond/brown
    14: My eyes are green ...
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