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Autel MaxiIM IM608

MaxisIM IM608 is the most popular and advanced Full System Auto Daignostic tool and combine IMMO & Key programming scanner. [URL=""]Autel MaxiIM IM608[/URL] has the same diagnostic software as Autel maxisys MS908, but it covers immo functions which MS908 cannot work. IM608 is equal to Maxisys 908+IMMO function. IM608 is good on inmmobilizer functions. IM608 also support special functions and key programming abilities. Itís perfect diagnostics tool for auto technicians and locksmiths

  1. A Strange Vehicle Indeed

    If you happen to be visiting or live in North Carolina, you may possibly pass a car on the road that resembles the cockpit of an airplane without the airplane. By all means remain calm; you have not passed the remaining wreckage of an airplane. You really haven't passed a car either. If you by chance glance through the window, you will notice that this unusual vehicle has handlebars like a motorcycle instead of a steering wheel. So it isn't a car. But it looks like a car so it really can't be a ...