We have 4 types of premium packages as a gift to those who donated in order to keep the server alive!

Your donation will not only help keep our server alive, but you will also recieve a gift, four types of packages, from us as a thank you.

Visit this page to sea each package's feature : Click here to view the premium package features in detail.

Each Premium Level Lasts for 31 days.
BRONZE $3.30 USD Click here to buy BRONZE!
SILVER $5.10 USD Click here to buy SILVER!
GOLD $7.20 USD Click here to buy GOLD!
PLATINUM $9.00 USD Click here to buy PLATINUM !

Custom Amount!.

You can send any amount you want if you wish to help the server survive! Using this link!


January 23th, 2014

Purchase a premium level and help our server survive for long!

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